Rediscovering Aταραξία

“…penso che almeno per questa mandata i buoi siano già scappati dalla stalla…
stiamo a vedere cosa succede… Io intanto sto addivenendo serenamente alla mia fase atarassica”
(Clot Powell)

Sunday Ordinary Sunday

While planning to jam together and recording, sometime, our first traditional LP, my mate Clot went unexpectedly for it. I mean, for some extra LP on his own, and helped over successfully all our colleagues in our A&E Band.
Meanwhile Paul RescuIT and his Orchestra, upstairs, though straggling with their new score, could cope with excellently.
Very well done, Clot!

And many thanks to all of you guys. You did great.

There’s some magic in this Rediscovered Aταραξία…

By Courtesy of Saint Louis, Count of Sardinia

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